Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Andrew's Birthday, Cross Country and the JV Superbowl

October 12th-13th

Andrea's oldest brother, Mike, had a stroke a few weeks back, and we went up for a visit. We stayed at my sisters house who also lives in Arlington. Mike seems to be doing better. Andrea says that his speech and mobility on his right side had improved a lot since she saw him last. This is good sign. We are hopeful that with rehabilitation he will make a good a recovery.

We celebrated Andrew's 5th birthday while we were up in Arlington Heights. It's hard to believe our little guy is getting so big.

Happy Birthday to You!

How Old?

October 18th

Loren and Josh had their big season ending event for each of their sports. Loren was the only girl from her school who went to state this year which was held in Bloomington. But the boys team did qualify. The girls on her team also went to cheer her on. They even wrote her name on the bus. She did very well for her first time. She placed 20th out of some 200+ girls with a time of 12 minutes and 37 seconds. The top 25 girls were given ribbons.

Loren with her grandparents

Loren with the "Loren" bus

Josh's team played the Oakwood Comets in Georgetown which was completely in the opposite direction of Bloomington. So, we were very tight on time to see both Loren's and Josh's events. , Unfortunately, Josh's team didn't fair quite so well. The Comets came out strong from the very beginning, scoring on their first drive. The Comets shut out the Spartans for nearly the entire game. They were up 22 - 0 until the Spartans finally got on the board in the last 2 minutes making the final score 22 -6. Still the Spartans had a good year, and Josh's playing improved a great deal this year.

Josh receives his ribbon

Josh and the second place trophy

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Winning Day!

Today was a long, but exciting day in the world of Brooks family sports. We began the day bright and early taking Loren to her school to catch a bus for her Cross Country Sectionals at Kickapoo State Park. Then, Josh had to go to practice for his football playoff game which would be later that day. After getting everybody else fed and clothed, we picked up Josh and headed off to Kickapoo (which is just a fun word to say).

Loren placed 1st in her 2 mile run, setting her own personal record at 13 minutes 14 seconds. It was quite exciting. As she was closing the first mile, we watched her move up from 3rd to 2nd place. By the time she made the first lap around, she was in first, and she never gave up the position.

Loren making her move from third to second place

1st Place

Final lap, still in 1st, Mom cheering her on

At the finish line, Go baby go!

1st Place at the
Ribbon Ceremony

Josh had his playoff game in Hoopeston where they played the Catlin Storm. Josh's team won as well. The St. Joseph Spartans won 14 to 6 and will advance to the JV Superbowl in Georgetown next week.

Josh Brooks #32, Striking A Heisman Trophy Pose

Josh and the team trying to intercept a pass.
Josh is the one on the right as the video starts.

All in all a good day! Next Saturday we get to do it all again as Loren is the only girl from St. Joe to advance to the state competition in Bloomington, and Josh and his team will play the superbowl.