Saturday, May 16, 2009

Josh's 12th Birthday

We had quite a day Saturday. Track Sectionals in Gibson City, a flooded backyard, and celebrating having Josh for 12 years.


Josh thanks Andrew for a cool card.

Josh opens Loren's gift

Money, Money, Money... Money!
I see an iPod in your future.

The traditional Brooks Birthday Cookie

Happy Birthday to You!

1st Spring Flood 2009

It seems like flooding in our backyard is becoming an recurring event. I suspect it is being caused by the upstream dredging that was done 2 years ago. This time around we have flood insurance, so I'm not worrying as a much.

Josh swims the flood waters.

Loren and Veronica at Track Sectionals

Loren and Veronica competed in their Track Sectionals on Saturday. Loren ran the mile and in two relays, the 4 x 200 and the 4 x 400. She also competed in the high jump. She was first in every heat except for the high jump. So, she qualified to compete in state for those three events. In high jump, today just wasn't her day. She has cleared 4'8" before, but the cold and the wind must have gotten to her today. She was unable to clear 4'4".

1st place in the mile, 5 minutes 51 seconds

Loren finishes first in the 4 x 200

Veronica ran the 800 Meter today, and placed 8th. She had a good start, and was in second place after the first lap. But something happened about 2/3 into the last lap. She seemed to stumble a little, and then lost the will to keep going. This was her first year running, though, and she did pretty well. Next year she'll know what to expect, and should improve a lot. Good job Veronica!

Veronica gets ready for the 800 Meter. It was freezing!

1st lap and Veronica's in 2nd place.

Veronica finishes in 8th place.

Loren anchors the relay in the 4 x 400.

Loren clears 4' 3"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

St. Louis Trip - 05/09/2009

Last weekend we took a trip to St. Louis to celebrate my niece, Chelsea's high school graduation which also marked the end of home schooling 3 children for my sister-in-law Barb.

Chelsea's Senior Portrait

My nephew Jeremy and his girlfriend Laurel with Sean, Lindsey and Chelsea.

Hanging out with my brother Ronn, my cousin Marc, and his daughter Arianna

Josh is pleased that he has outgrown his cousin.

My nephew Sean and his wife Lindsey

On Sunday, we kicked off our first visit to Six Flags. Last year, we started buying season tickets for 4 of us. With season passes, you get a coupon book with several "bring a friend for free" tickets. Mother's day was the first of the free days, so with Chelsea's graduation on the same weekend, it was hard to pass up going to Six Flags. Getting season tickets turns out to be a relatively cheap way to entertain a family of 8 with the free days. It also is a good excuse to visit my brother's family in St. Louis.

Happy Mother's Day! Now let the fun begin!

Veronica takes me on her first drive. Be afraid, be very afraid...


I have no idea who this super heroine is supposed to be.

Loren getting $5.00 worth of fun.

Another fun trip to Six Flags!