Sunday, July 19, 2009

Loren and Andrea's Birthdays - July 13th, 15th and 17th

We celebrated Loren's 15th birthday on July 13th. A girl's 15th birthday is traditionally a significant birthday in Peru and other latin American countries. It's called the quinceaƱos (15 years, and is a coming of age celebration when a girl becoming a lady.

Loren poses while Josh clowns around. What else would a brother do?

Loren reads her brothers' and sisters hand-made cards.

The neighbor girls Michelle and Elizabeth.

Elton John look out!

Andrea and the kids were at Grandpa and Grandma's on her birthday, so we celebrated her 29th, uh yeah, her 29th birthday a day late.

The kids all made something special for their mom.

Loren had a sleep over to celebrate her quinceaƱos. Here from left to right is Loren, Katie Rummery, Veronica, Donna, Michelle Paap, Kimberly Newman and Elizabeth Paap.

Loren doesn't like cake, so she opted for muffins.

The girls.

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